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AMS 39640

AMS 39640: 40 selections, 5-wide. 72hX39wX35d.
MDB, Card Capable, Dual Spirals, $1/5.
2017-2018 Model Years. ADA Compliant


Machine in Manufacturing Production sells new $4000. Save $1000+!

The AMS 39640 Sensit 3 has an attractive new front design. It has dual spirals to help products vends without error and a Guaranteed vend system to re establish a customer credit in case of error. Manufactured 12/2017. 

Refurbished, Dual Spiral, 5 Wide, 40 selections, MDB (Credit and Debit Card Capable), accepts $1/5.

Manufactured by AMS, made in USA, they are one of the largest vending machine manufacturer in the vending industry. This merchandiser is completely refurbished, location ready, and comes with a 90-day warranty. ADA Compliant.