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USI 3185

USI 3185: 40 selections, 5-wide,
Full Size. 72hX39wX34d
Cashless capable, MDB, Dual Spirals, $1/5.
IVend Guaranteed Vend System. LED lighting.


Refurbished USI 3185 (40 select)  - Card Reader Capable, MDB, Dual Spirals, DEX, $1/5, IVend Guaranteed Vend System, LED lighting 

Manufactured by USI the 2nd largest vending machine manufacturer in the vending industry. Dual spirals for a better product Vending. MDB technology for cashless capability. IVend guaranteed vend system that gives re establishes a credit for the customer if an item does not vend, 3 chip shelf's, 2 candy shelf, and 1 pastry shelf. LED lighting and a modern exterior design. The machine is sold working, refurbished, location ready, clean, painted, complete of parts, and a 60 day warranty.