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Automatic Products LCM4

Combo Snack and Can Soda Vending Machine
30 Selections, 5 Wide, 72hx39wx35d
Cashless Capable, MDB, $1/5
Single Spirals


Refurbished Single Spiral Automatic Products AP LCM4 Used Vending Machine, MDB, DEX, $1/$5 Bill Acceptor, 20 Snack Selections, 10 Can Drink Selections

The AP LCM4 Snack and Drink Combo is Manufactured by Automatic Products AP, which is owned by Crane National, the largest vending machine manufacturer in the vending industry. The machine operates at fresh temperature of 37 and has has a health control function and scrolling message. Dual Spirals for better product vending. 30 selections. 2 chip shelfs (5 select each - 10 count spirals). 1 candy style single spiral shelf (10 selections - 15/18 count spirals). 1 drink vend center (10 select - 24 Can capacity p/selection). 72" height, 39 € width, 34"depth, 760 weight. The machine comes certified, clean, working, refurbished, with a 60-day warranty.