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National 449 Combo

Cabinet Refrigerated. Cans/Bottles.
40 selections, 6-wide, 72hX48wX34d.
Dual Spiral, Guaranteed Vend System.
Cashless Capable, MDB, $1/5.


Refurbished Glass Front Combo Used Vending Machine Machine - National 449 - Sure Vend Guaranteed Delivery System, Card Capable, MDB, DEX, $1/$5, 

The National 449 is a first in first out inventory control system to help reduce food spoilage. It is compatible for telemetry units and has five shelf's with 40 selections. Dual Spirals are standard with spiral counts of 8-15 The Sure vend guaranteed delivery system ensures products vend or a credit is established for a customer. Two fresh food/chip shelf's, one candy style shelf, two bottle/can drink shelf (40 product capacity - 8 selections per shelf).