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USA G10 Technology Cashless Payment System

Installed Price (includes cost, taxes, shipping, and installation). Cashless Payments are one of the most popular pieces of technology in vending industry. However, only 31% of all machines in the USA accept cashless payments. Many vendors use them to increase overall sales and customer satisfaction. MDB technology is needed for cashless payments. John Dee LTD focuses on selling MDB machines so our customers is current with present day technology and holds its value.


The ePort® G10-S Kit by Cantaloupe is the industry’s first PCI compliant card reader and telemetry system with Verizon 4G/LTE Wireless services supporting indoor and outdoor applications. By accepting EMV contactless, magstripe, NFC card payments, as well as mobile wallets, the ePort®G10-S Kit enables unattended retailers to better serve consumers all while capturing key transaction data required to monitor and drive machine performance.