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AMS 39640 Refrigerated

35 selections, 5-wide, 72hX39wX35d.
Refrigerated to cool at 60 degrees.
Sensit 2 Guaranteed Vend System.
Cashless Capable, MDB, $1/5.


Refurbished snack vending machine. Refrigerated AMS 39640 Sensit 2 (35 select) - Sensit Guaranteed Vend System, Card Reader Capable, MDB, Dual Spirals, DEX, $1/5

Sensit 2 Guaranteed Vend System ensures a spiral turns until product is vended or credit is re established for the customer. Manufactured by AMS one of the largest vending machine manufacturers in the vending industry. Refrigerated vending machine that cools at the set temperature between 60 and 75° for locations that get warm. MDB technology for cashless capable systems. 4 chip shelf's, 1 candy shelf, and 1 pastry shelf. The machine is sold working, refurbished, location ready, clean, painted, complete of parts, and a 60 day warranty.