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National 797 or 784

Combo Snack Can Soda Vending Machine.
N797: 30 select (5-wide). 72hx39wX34d.
N784: 24 select (4-wide). 72hx33wX34d.
Dual Spirals, Sure Vend Guaranteed Vend System,
Cashless Capable, MDB, $1/5


Refurbished Soda Snack Combo Vending Machines - National 784 or 797 - Sure Vend Guaranteed Vending System, Card Capable, MDB, DEX, $1/$5 bill acceptor, 16-20 snack selections, 8-10 can drink selections.

The National 784 or 797 is a refurbished used Combo vending machine that is available in mid or full size and is manufactured by Crane National, the largest vending machine manufacturer in the vending industry. The machine has a Sure Vend guaranteed vend system that reestablishes a credit for a customer if an item does not vend. The machine operates at fresh temperature of 37 and has a health control function and scrolling message. Dual Spirals. 30 selections. 2 chip shelfs (5 select each - 10 count spirals). 1 candy style single spiral shelf (10 selections - 15/18 count spirals). 1 drink vend center (10 select - 24 Can capacity p/selection). 72" height, 39"€ width, 34"depth, 760 weight. The machine comes certified, clean, working, refurbished, with a 60-day warranty.